I'll just do both and see if you like them. :3

Alright. We look forward to reading your application!

Someone needs to apply for my bro! Unless he is out there lost somewhere

Agreed. I’d love a Shane Nyland (FC: Tyler Posey.)

Would you rather an Ella or a Miranda app?

This is actually a hard question. I don’t want to say one character is more important than another, but Miranda would definitely cause some more drama than Ella. 

Admin Note

Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that the tasks are due tonight at 9:30 EST, so make sure you get those in! Also, we’re going to be accepting at 7:30 EST. If you’re interested in applying for Skylar O’Murray (FC: Michael Trevino) or Dallas Montgomery, (FC: Harry Styles) send in a message to the main to let us know. 

—Admin Bonnie 

Updated App Count [01]

Also, we would like to point out that we do need more males because the female/male ratio is slightly off. We also want more hunters which you can find here.
I want to reserve Drew Douglas, please.
─ Anonymous

Come off anon please, and he’s reserved for you!