Aurora Burke + 16 + Human + The Bitch 

Aurora’s Backstory

Aurora didn’t have much of a home life. Her father was always out of town working, and that lead to her parents to getting her divorce because they both were cheating on each other. Aurora didn’t really care because all she cared about was cheerleading and boys. She had fun when she cheered because all the eyes were on her.

Aurora never really pays attention in class. She’s one of the people who sits in the back, passes notes, and makes comments on what the teacher’s doing throughout the entire period. Her grades suffer for it, and she’s barely remaining on the squad. Like Miranda, she’s slept with basically the whole football team. She doesn’t have time for the losers in her school. She pushes them out of the way against the lockers.

Aurora’s Personality

For such a pretty name, Aurora isn’t all that pretty on the inside. Her looks help her get nerds to do her homework, and she doesn’t like to be told what to do, yet she bosses the people around here around. She automatically hates the freshman, despite the fact that she was once a freshman herself. She flirts with anything that isn’t female and is almost a bigger slut than Miranda.

Positive Traits: honest, adventurous, easy going

Negative Traits: competitive, slutty, rude

Aurora Burke is portrayed by Claire Holt and is currently OPEN