Bree Meneough + 15 + Human + The Poet 

Bree’s Backstory

Bree’s family was out there. Her father was an artist, and her mother’s side owned a haunted attraction that she was always at. Bree’s parents encouraged her to use her imagination during school. They never prevented her from doing anything that she wanted to do. She won multiple art awards at the school, and drawing really is the only thing that will make her truly happy.

Her parents came across the Academy by someone suggesting it to them. At first, Bree was a bit angry with them for sending her away from all of her friends and them, but once Bree got there and met some of the people, she got used to it, and her anger went away. Bree was never really one to get straight A’s, but that didn’t really matter to her since she wasn’t planning on going to college. She found some of the lessons interesting, but in others she had a hard time staying awake. During science one day, she fell asleep, and Jesse Monroe woke her up. The two occasionally hang out when Jesse can escape away from Miranda Black.

Bree’s Personality

Bree is one of the sweetest girls anyone could ever meet. She could help anyone with any problems, and she has faith in everyone. She rarely utters a bad word about anyone. Bree always has a dreamy look on her face. However, Bree can get very jealous of Miranda since she can spend so much time with Jesse, and she cannot. Bree is very quiet, so she doesn’t really know how to properly stand up for herself.

Positive Traits: artistic, sweet, faithful

Negative Traits: jealous, timid, shy

Bree Meneough is portrayed by Jane Levy and is currently OPEN.