Ophelia Hale + 16 + Human + The Librarian 

Ophelia’s Backstory

Like her sister, Ophelia was raised around a circus and abnormal things. However, Ophelia was the reserved one. She wasn’t the one to go crazy with all of the other people in the circus. She just stayed to the side and observed everything. She spent a lot of time with some of the animals and drew them while her sister was going to parties. Ophelia didn’t really have a lot of friends inside the circus, but the ones that she did have, they just sat around and watched movies and things like that.

When they pulled in front of the Academy, Ophelia couldn’t help but to be attracted to it. She had always wanted to go to school just for the experience. She was afraid, too. She didn’t know what it was going to be like. Ophelia has seen so many times of movies about high school where there were a ton of mean girls that made everyday hell. She was relieved when she found Seth Meyers and how he was nice to her like she was an actual person, not some new girl.

Ophelia’s Personality

Ophelia is the complete opposite of her sister. Where Rowena is loud and outgoing, Ophelia is shy and an observer. She has a brilliant mind and is one of the smartest girls at the Academy. Because Seth was one of the first people she met at the Academy, she has developed a slight crush on him, but she has no idea on how to act on it.

Positive Traits: observant, intelligent, caring

Negative Traits: shy, naive, nervous

Ophelia Hale is portrayed by Freya Mavor and is currently OPEN.